New Logo

There comes a time in the life of every new site when that rather odd looking self-made logo, which doesn’t quite match the look of the rest of the site, just doesn’t cut it any more and today is that day for Gallerly.

So out with the old and in with the cool new “paint splash” logo which was just uploaded,¬†and very nice it looks there too.

The logo was designed by the great designers at GR8 – if you’re looking for quality design or innovative technology solutions for impossible tasks – GR8 is the agency to call.


Getting Faster

We’ve been working on some performance optimizations recently to speed up page loads. Various database bits have been tweaked and we’ve started adding an extra level of caching which should really give things a boost. More caching will be added gradually as we see how things perform now.

If you have your own domain name for your Gallerly site we recommend using Cloudflare as well which is a free caching and content distribution system – in other words it makes sites load faster for people around the world which is never a bad thing.

Gallerly Search Engine

We’ve now added a full text search engine to Gallerly which you can see in the form of that handy search box at the top right of every page.

Now visitors can do a proper search of all your pictures in your online art gallery, for example..

Sell Art Online

Every artist who wishes to sell art online is faced with the issue of how exactly to do that. How does one actually create a web based art gallery for selling art online?

There are a number of paths you could take..

  • Pay a web developer a lot of money to build a custom web site with integrated ecommerce system.
  • Try to modify a generic CMS system such as WordPress or Joomla.
  • Buy some expensive art gallery software and install & manage it yourself.
  • Develop the whole thing yourself from scratch.
  • Use a hosted art gallery service such as Gallerly.

The final option there is of course the one we would recommend (we may be biased though). You can signup for a free online gallery web site and within minutes be uploading your art for display and selling. You can use your own domain name, you can link your buy button to anywhere you want, including the PayPal shopping cart, or even just display your art with no option to buy it if that is your preference.

You can also integrate your own WordPress blog with your Gallerly site and various methods of social sharing are provided to help you get your art seen by more people online.

Gallerly is constantly being developed and improved and we welcome any feedback so we can provide the best service for artists who are looking for the simplest and most effective way to sell art online. Try it out, there’s no obligation, and let us know what you think!



We just fixed some annoying display issues affecting image thumbnails in the category and tag browse pages so they should look nicer now.

Coming soon: an actual working search engine for your images! The search function is next on the TODO list and hopefully will be implemented fairly soon now.

Plenty of other handy features are planned also for the coming months but more details on those will be posted in future blog updates.

WordPress Integration

A new feature recently added is WordPress integration so you can add your WordPress blog to your Gallerly online art gallery. To use it all you need is to add your WordPress blog url in the Gallerly settings page.

It’s still a work in progress as we look at more ways to integrate it so any suggestions welcome.


Hello World

Welcome to the official Gallerly blog.

Check back often for news, updates, new features, editors choice and more! Constructive feedback welcome.

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